5 Aug

Posted by Mike Huff, 5 August 2012, 8:15 am

Toney Clemons should prove to be a fantastic reserve receiver for the Steelers for quite a few years to come.

The Valley High School graduate has a lot of what teams look for in a receiver. Height, speed, ability… It’s a wonder that a player as polished as he was still available with the 231st pick of this past April’s draft.

Perhaps it speaks to the outstanding depth at receiver the league currently boasts. Of which the Steelers have done a great deal of contributing to over the years.

Ward, Burress, Randle El, Holmes, Wallace, Brown… A few of the modern day success stories for Pittsburgh at the position.

But a noticeable pattern about a couple of those names – off the field issues and servere attitude problems – could be a cause for concern. While we’re not suggesting Clemons is a lock to continue that unfortunate trend, it’s a possibility.

Now, by all accounts the young man has been nothing but pleasant since returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh. But it wasn’t all that long ago Clemons was reputed to be a trouble maker at Valley.

“He was always up to some mischief,” Says a former classmate, who asked to remain anonymous, “most of the guys on the team at that time thought of him as a jerk”.

Several individuals who lived around Clemons in the New Kinsington area said he was a “self-described superstar” and “passed several classes [that he otherwise wouldn’t have] due to his status on the football team”.

By all accounts he was a hard worker at both Michigan and Colorado, and the reports of his “dramatic” transfer from the former to the latter are just rumors. As far as we know that move was legitimately spurred on by the fact that Clemons did not want to play in the spread offense.

Certainly most high schoolers do or say stupid things at one point or another. But all the same, it’s hard to say the overwhelming stampede of negative comments stemming from Clemons’ high school years will amount to nothing.

Santonio holmes isn’t that far removed from our memories, is he?


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