5 Aug

Posted by Tyler Dunn, 5 August 2012, 8:43 am

Chris Rainey was something of an enigma at Florida.

A ridiculous talent on the field, making questionable decisions off it.

It’s hard to find the former distinction without some example of the latter in most talented players these days (we chronicled a similar situation with Steelers 7th round draft pick Toney Clemons earlier). But Chris Rainey is not most talented players – he’s better.

At 5’8, 180 the runningback/receiver doesn’t cast an imposing shadow over the playing field. But when the ball is in his hands he displays moves that would make Chirs Johnson-ala-2009 envious.

A faster version of Minnestoa’s Percy Harvin, Rainey will see significant playing time in his rookie season presuming he stays out of trouble.

We’re hearing that Todd Haley has already fallen in love with the former Gator talent. And Haley is a coach who traditionally gives plenty of runningbacks opportunities on game day already.

Currently behind Isaac Redman, John Dwyer and (maybe) Baron Batch on the depth chart, Rainey undoubtedly has more natural ability than any of the three.

Don’t be shocked if at the end of the season the Steelers starting runningback wears #22.


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