PFR Sets Sail August 5th

4 Aug

Posted by Mike Huff, 4 August 2012, 2:13 pm

How nice it is to be authoring a post.

We are pleased to announce the official, full-time launch of Pittsburgh Football Report beginning tomorrow, August 5th.

Pulling back the curtain a little, here is what has happened to us thus far and what you can expect from the future.

This past March a few well-connected Pittsburgh fellows got together and launched for a trial run. We began working our “sources”, writing up stories and having a great time with it.

As the weeks progressed we managed to get quite a large amount of interest in what we were doing. The site was getting a ton of traffic, we were receiving business related emails and a good portion of our tips came true (Antonio Brown has a new contract, Steelers drafted David DeCastro).

Around the beginning of April we ended the trial run of PFR with the intention always being coming back full fledged this fall.

Over the past months we have secured more experience, more talent and more resources to help along the way.

So without further delay, we are proud to announce that starting tomorrow we will be fully online – ready to go. Thank you to those who have made this possible and we hope you will join us along the way.


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