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Posted by Tyler Dunn, March 15th 2012, 5:55 am EST

Jason Worilds is entering his third season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And with the team cutting ties with veteran James Farrior, there will be increased opportunities for linebackers in camp.

But wait – Jason Worilds is a pass rusher?

Correct, but Lawrence Timmons was intended to be a strictly a pass rusher when the team drafted him as well.

Should the Steelers not select a linebacker in the draft who can make an immediate impact, playing both Worilds and James Harrison situationally in the middle may not be a bad idea.

Harrison could play inside in short yardage situations with Worilds playing on the interior during passing downs. This would allow for Harrison to utilize his excellent run stopping ability while still allowing him to rush the passer during critical phases of the game.

Worilds is one of the more versatile players on the roster. He has the potential to play true defensive end, but is also fast enough to effectively drop into coverage.

What we’re suggesting would result in all four of the teams linebackers being nearly interchangeable.

Unconventional, but it could be effective.

While it is likely that this won’t even come into play for the coaching staff, it’s not a bad idea.

Having four linebackers on the field as adept at pass rushing as this combination could prove valuable.

And Worilds has shown enough over the past two seasons that he deserves a shot at a Timmons-like starting role.


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