12 Mar

Posted by Tyler Dunn, March 12th 2012, 5:50 pm EST

There has been much speculation of late about a certain Pittsburgh Steeler possibly leaving the team via restricted free agency.

But Mike Wallace isn’t the only receiver Kevin Colbert & co. are concerned about re-signing.

Antonio Brown, the team’s other 1,000+ yard receiver, is also going to need a new deal soon.

Brown is in the final year of his rookie contract.

The 2011 team MVP is by all accounts one of the hardest working players to come through the Steelers facility in quite some time. After unseating Hines Ward to become a starter last season, Brown never looked back.

Keeping Brown on the roster is a huge priority for the Steelers – especially if they do lose Wallace.

And it appears that the front office realizes that.

We’re hearing that the team is planning on beginning negotiations with Brown’s agent this August.

For a roster that had so much talent at wide receiver just last season, it’s pretty scary to imagine what would happen if Pittsburgh lost both Wallace and Brown back to back.

Fortunately, that is extremely unlikely to occur.

And if all goes well, Brown will be signing a nice long contract before the 2012 regular season even begins.


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