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Posted by Tyler Dunn, March 10th 2012, 10:43 am EST

The Colts have released Joseph Addai.

The Steelers should look into his price tag. And if it’s a bargain, they should purchase.

The first time Addai carried the ball was in the “Manning Bowl” of 2006. Indianapolis had just drafted him out of LSU. Taking the hand-off from Peyton Manning on a stretch play going left, he gained 8 yards and smacked Gibril Wilson on his way out of bounds.

The physicality Addai displayed on that run made an impression.

He went on to have a mediocre career as a Colt, littered with injuries and inconsistent production; but no one ever questioned his running style. Hard and aggressive.

Steelers fans tend to get a little too excited over power runners (see T.J. Duckett, Najeh Davenport, Isaac Redman and Brandon Jacobs). But Addai isn’t just a ‘fat back’. He is a strong runner in an athletic body.

With Rashard Mendenhall injured for the foreseeable future, the team could use more proven competition at the position.

In the fold aside from Mendenhall are Redman, Johnathan Dwyer, Mewelde Moore, Baron Batch, John Clay and Chad Spann.

A crowded bunch, but not very impressive. Moore has been a good Steeler, but his time is nearing an end here. Redman is a fan favorite, but hasn’t shown much outside of short yardage situations. Dwyer is interesting, but has yet to put it together. Batch should prove to be a good back in the future, but is still recovering from injury problems of his own. And Clay and Spann are more or less just big bodies.

There is room for improvement.

Should the team sign Addai, he would compete with Redman for the starting job going into next season. Dwyer and Batch could remain on the roster as specialists.

When Mendenhall returns in the latter portion of the season, the team would most likely have to waive Dwyer or Batch.

But adding a runner like Addai for the beginning of the year would be worth it.

Admittedly, this scenario is a long-shot. Addai seems too high profile for the Steelers. But it would give Pittsburgh better options to put on the field until Mendenhall is healthy.

If Addai doesn’t get signed in free agency, the team should keep tabs on him if nothing else.

There is no telling when bringing a player with his experience and ability in could prove to be the difference between a win or a lose.




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