10 Mar

Posted by Tyler Dunn, March 10th 2012, 1:17 pm EST

Myron Rolle remains a popular man despite never having played a regular season down.

But the former Florida State safety and Rhodes Scholar, who was recently signed by the Steelers to a future contract, may not be retaining his position.

We’re hearing the team likes him at cornerback.

While the initial significance of this might seem questionable, the move should give Rolle a better shot at making the active roster.

The Steelers currently have Rolle, Ike Taylor, Cortez Allen, Curtis Brown, Walter McFadden and Antonio Smith under contract at the position.

That list indicates it should be easier for Rolle to make the team at corner than safety.

At safety, the team employees Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, Ryan Mundy and DaMon Cromartie-Smith. Mundy and Cromartie-Smith might not be names that intimidate you, but Mundy seems to be favored by the coaching staff and Cromartie-Smith is a good young player.

Even if the team drafts another cornerback or re-signs Keenan Lewis or William Gay, there is still a spot available. McFadden and Smith seem unlikely to make the roster at this point. Although they do share the same opportunity we are describing for Rolle.

But Rolle is something of an anomaly.

His past position gives him versatility. That versatility should only help the case that he is an asset. He can play safety in a pinch and is intelligent enough to get the secondary lined up correctly in the circumstance that there are a lack of leaders on the field.

It will be a long journey for Rolle, but like teammate Baron Batch, should be filled with support from the fanbase. It’s hard not to cheer for a good guy when you see him fighting for a roster spot.

Rolle is a better athlete than most people give him credit for and will be exciting to watch in camp.

Whether it’s Rolle or not, the Steelers need to find an answer for who will be at the bottom of the cornerback depth chart. Maybe he’s the guy.


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